Who we are

El Capitan is a locally-owned furniture shop that believes ‘quality trumps all’ when it comes to furniture. With more than 15 years of experience under our belt, the skilled craftsmen at El Capitan strive to deliver excellence with each furniture item available on our website. We go the extra mile to see a smile on our customer’s face. From chests and drawers to night stands and dressers, we are incredibly selective about choosing the best materials for constructing bespoke and premium-quality products. At El Capitan, we make sure to use only the most high-quality and top-notch solid wood sourced from the wood of Oregon in creating our furniture products because we care about the durability of each item.

Why choose us?

Are you worried about choosing the perfect furniture for your dream house? This decision can seem overwhelming and tricky but it does not have to be. Allow El Capitan to make this choice easier for you. Here is why you should choose El Capitan:

Versatility: At El Capitan, we offer an extensive selection of high-quality furniture pieces that range from traditional to vintage to contemporary in terms of style and design. We cater to varying tastes and aesthetics.

Budget-friendly: We believe that good things do not have to be expensive. Buying stylish, durable, and high-quality furniture pieces should not cost you a fortune! At El Capitan, we price our products reasonably to deliver maximum value to our clients.

High-quality products: You will never find us cutting corners when it comes to quality. We never compromise on the choice of wood, amount of work, and level of expertise poured into the creation of each furniture product.

What we offer

El Capitan is a leading name in creating promising furniture pieces for individuals in Kern County and now those in Tulare County too. We have established our reputation through consistently delivering furniture items that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. When you choose to do business with El Capitan you are choosing to buy products which have had hours of design speculation, craftsmanship, and creativity expended in them to create them. Above quality, durability, and meaningful customer relationships, we offer our clients trust. We hope that will continue to trust us to product stellar products that never fail to amaze.